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Three Advantages of Having a Screen Room

You may think that a screen room is a luxury that you don’t really need to worry about, but there are a lot of great advantages to having a screen room, especially in the fall. When you want to entertain but the weather is unpredictable, having a screen room can be of great benefit. You can also use a screen room for other purposes throughout the fall and winter months. Here are three of the advantages to having a screen room.

Entertaining Outdoors

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and you might want to entertain outside. Fall weather can be unpredictable, though, sometimes with rain storms that can be amazing to watch but definitely get you wet. A screen room will allow you to continue with your entertainment plans regardless of the weather patterns for the night.  Continue reading

3 Reasons to Add a Screen Room to Your Home

Adding a screen room onto your home can have many benefits, and it is very easy to do. Although there is some investment involved, constructing a screen room onto one side of your home can pay for itself over time. Here are the three top reasons to add a screen room onto your home.

Increase Home Value

One of the best reasons to go ahead with adding a screen room to your home is to add to the value of your home. A screen room can add to the square footage of your home, which in turn adds to its value. If you plan on selling your home in the long run, you may want to go ahead with building a screen room to increase its value. The value of your home will go up much more than the cost of the screen room. Continue reading

Tips for Cleaning Your Pool’s Screen Enclosure Over the Summer

screen roomIf you live in Florida and have a pool in your backyard, then you definitely understand how convenient and helpful it is to have a screen enclosure covering your entire pool area. Between Florida’s relentless sunshine and notorious mosquitos, swimming in and lounging by a pool protected by an attractive screen covering can make all of the difference. Countless Florida homeowners have invested in screen enclosures for their pools to improve the value and enjoyment of one of the best parts of their home. Continue reading

A Simple Guide to Adding Greenery in Your Screen Enclosure

71794815 - young woman cultivating home plantsA screen enclosure is practically a backyard requirement when you live in Florida. Between relentless insects and strong sunshine, a screen room or pool screen enclosure is the best way to enjoy the outdoors without the discomfort brought on by mosquito bites and UV rays. Of course, a screen room or enclosure doesn’t have to stand bare on its own. You’re sure to fill it with furniture and decor, and don’t forget the greenery! The following plants can soften the appearance of your screen enclosure, add beauty, and build character. Continue reading

The Top 4 Reasons to Build a Pool Enclosure

screen roomYou will be hard-pressed to find a pool in Florida that isn’t accompanied by an aluminum pool enclosure. Why? Because Florida’s beautiful climate has a few drawbacks that screened enclosures are able to easily fix.

About Screen Enclosures

Pool enclosures are tall aluminum structures outlined in screens that keep pools covered in a light yet effective protection from the outside elements. Since they can be constructed in nearly any shape, size, and design, they can be constructed to match any backyard style. Continue reading

Use Your Screen Room All Year Long!

screen room2There are times when sitting outside amid the incessant bugs, unrelenting heat, and unpredictable rain storms just isn’t too appealing, but staying inside away from fresh air isn’t any more tempting. Thank goodness for the brilliant idea of a screen room, which creates the perfect outdoor and indoor in-between. You can enjoy the warmth without the harsh sun and even still sit outside on rainy days and cozy up with a favorite book. Continue reading

Add Style and Function with an Aluminum Screen Enclosure

screen roomIf you are looking for a simple way to maximize your outdoor space, why not build an aluminum screen enclosure around your outdoor pool? Having a pool is a great way to maximize your outdoor space, and building an aluminum screen enclosure will add both style and function to the area. Best of all, an aluminum enclosure doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Continue reading

Screen Room Installation Stops the Mosquito Threat

mosquitoHow dangerous are mosquitoes, exactly? Screened in rooms provide protection against them, but many people do not realize how dangerous they are. Mosquitoes transmit a great many different diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever, dog heartworm, encephalitis, and more. The list of diseases that these insects spread goes on and on. It is no wonder that so many families in America ask for screen room installation.

Just How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes?

Around the world, mosquitoes infect over 700 million people every year. These infections result in over one million deaths, and the rest are forced to suffer with illness. The mosquito problem is endemic to Africa and South America, but North Americans also suffer from mosquito bites. In places like Louisiana, the West Nile virus is epidemic. In Florida, mosquitoes spread West Nile and encephalitis. The choice to get screen room protection is obvious. Continue reading

Something Bugging You? Add a Screen Room

screen-room-2Everyone loves fresh breezes, especially during the Spring and Summer months, but no one likes bugs or the harsh, hot rays of the Sun beaming down on them. There is a solution and that is a screen room addition to your home. This affordable enhancement to your home allows you to bring the outdoors indoors.

Having a screen room added to your home, or having an existing room renovated into a screen room, is truly one of the most affordable home improvements you can invest in. There are a variety of designs to choose from, ranging from large rooms with standing fireplaces, to simple additions that can be built in a matter of days. In all cases, your home and family can enjoy the weather and not be bothered by pests or dangerous rays from the sun. Continue reading