The Top 4 Reasons to Build a Pool Enclosure

screen roomYou will be hard-pressed to find a pool in Florida that isn’t accompanied by an aluminum pool enclosure. Why? Because Florida’s beautiful climate has a few drawbacks that screened enclosures are able to easily fix.

About Screen Enclosures

Pool enclosures are tall aluminum structures outlined in screens that keep pools covered in a light yet effective protection from the outside elements. Since they can be constructed in nearly any shape, size, and design, they can be constructed to match any backyard style.

No More Unpleasant Weather

As the Sunshine State, Florida is never wanting for extra vitamin D. But that sun can become very intense during the summer months. Rather than struggling with discomfort, many pool owners opt to build a screen pool enclosure to keep the sun at bay and help all swimmers feel more contented. In addition, pool enclosures make pools practical for use even during rainstorms or poor weather. The most amazing part is that screen enclosures can provide all of this protection without the pool looking or feeling like it is indoors.

A Clean Pool is a Happy Pool

Few pool owners actually enjoy the process of cleaning, and screen enclosures can significantly limit the residue and buildup that accumulates in a pool overnight. No more bugs, leaves, dirt, or even crocodiles! Pool enclosures help to keep pools beautiful and clean so that swimmers can jump in without a moment’s notice.

Say NO to Bug Bites

Mosquitos and other bugs have a way of ruining even the best outdoor environment with their constant biting and stinging. Rather than relying on Tiki torches and bug spray, a screen pool enclosure can keep all unwanted bugs away so that the pool is a more enjoyable place any time of day.

A screened-in pool enclosure is by far the best investment to supplement any backyard pool.