Is that Wood Actually Aluminum?

aluminum siding1If you’ve ever used aluminum for any building or construction purpose, then you most likely understand how many benefits the material has to offer. From its flexibility and durability to its clean-cut appearance, aluminum is appropriate for just about every type of application. However, you may find yourself wishing from time to time that you could use wood and still trust its reliability under extreme weather conditions. But wood, even the most expensive kind, has the potential to rot, bow, and surrender to oppressive heat, wind, and rain.

There is now an option that allows you to have the best of both worlds, and it is called aluminum wood. It looks like wood and creates beautiful visual designs just like wood, but offers all of the benefits of aluminum that you have come to know and love!

What Exactly is Aluminum Wood?

This aluminum alloy material would fool anybody with its perfect woody appearance. The designers go so far as to offer at least 20 different wood varieties like Walnut and Mahogany with realistic knots and marks. But this “wood” still has all of the strength and integrity of regular aluminum, so it can be utilized in just about any building situation.

Why Choose Aluminum Wood Over Standard Wood?

While a wooden structure looks beautiful, it requires regular upkeep and repairs, especially if the wood becomes rotted or dried out from unfriendly weather conditions. Aluminum wood sidesteps all of that maintenance by providing all of the beauty without any of the downfalls. With aluminum wood, you can enjoy the aesthetics without worrying about fading, drying, warping, cracking, or splintering.

In addition, aluminum wood can still be constructed with the same simple and efficient process that is used with regular aluminum; no expensive welding is necessary to create the pool enclosure or screen room that you are envisioning.


Given all of the benefits, you may never use normal wood again!