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Is that Wood Actually Aluminum?

aluminum siding1If you’ve ever used aluminum for any building or construction purpose, then you most likely understand how many benefits the material has to offer. From its flexibility and durability to its clean-cut appearance, aluminum is appropriate for just about every type of application. However, you may find yourself wishing from time to time that you could use wood and still trust its reliability under extreme weather conditions. But wood, even the most expensive kind, has the potential to rot, bow, and surrender to oppressive heat, wind, and rain. Continue reading

Transform Your Backyard with Stamped Concrete

concrete-slabYour backyard should be your own mini-sanctuary: a refuge where you can relax after a stressful day, an area designed and decorated to your standards, and a popular place for guests. Seating, an outdoor fireplace, and ambient lights are all very important, but don’t forget the ground! Wading through muddy grass takes the fun out of it.

Concrete is a perfect solution on all fronts, especially with modern advances making it much more versatile than the plain concrete Continue reading

Put These Home Goals on Your To-Do List

pool-enclosure-1Your home should be your refuge, your source of pride, and your place of comfort, but a great deal of hard work goes into making those concepts a reality. With the new year upon us, consider integrating these goals into your household. With just a few small home improvements, your house can be transformed into a true sanctuary.

Help Your House “Lose Weight” By Cutting Energy Use Continue reading