Something Bugging You? Add a Screen Room

screen-room-2Everyone loves fresh breezes, especially during the Spring and Summer months, but no one likes bugs or the harsh, hot rays of the Sun beaming down on them. There is a solution and that is a screen room addition to your home. This affordable enhancement to your home allows you to bring the outdoors indoors.

Having a screen room added to your home, or having an existing room renovated into a screen room, is truly one of the most affordable home improvements you can invest in. There are a variety of designs to choose from, ranging from large rooms with standing fireplaces, to simple additions that can be built in a matter of days. In all cases, your home and family can enjoy the weather and not be bothered by pests or dangerous rays from the sun.

A screen room is not exactly the same as a sun room. Screen room exterior walls are made of screen material and acts as a sturdy space that is not completely separated from the outside elements which is the case with sun rooms. The exterior walls on sun rooms are made of glass windows and, in fact, add heat to the space; a problem in the summer months. In fact, many of those who opt for a sun room often regret the purchase as the room acts as a greenhouse, trapping in hot air and making the space nearly useless in extremely warm weather. And no wants to pay higher energy bills to keep their sun room cool enough in the summer to use.

One of the major benefits to adding a screen room to your home is you add square footage to the home at a very low cost. The difference in cost between a sun room and a screen room can be significant, with the screen room costing much less, sometimes as much as 50 percent less. But even though it costs less, it still adds valuable space to the home, and this space is very useable and can be enjoyed by the whole family. A screen room allows the breeze to come through day or night and is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the rain while staying dry.

As mentioned above, today there are many different designs to choose from and your screen room can be anything from a simple room with a roof over the top, surrounded by high-quality screens, or can be used to enclose your pool or spa. In fact, there are so many things you can add to your screen room that you are only limited by your imagination.

Why not look into having a screen room added to your home? You can add value to the home, increase its curb appeal, add livable space, and create an area that the whole family will enjoy. And don’t forget that with today’s modern building materials, you can have your room completed in a lot less time than you might imagine. Why wait? Check into a new screen room today.