5 Signs Your Concrete Needs Repairs

If you have a damaged concrete foundation for your patio, porch, or pool enclosure, there is no amount of decor that can fix it. Even the best-laid concrete will need repair as the years go by. Homeowners should be diligent about monitoring concrete surfaces and correcting any damage immediately. Five signs that your concrete foundation needs repair are:

  • Cracks

All concrete will crack after enough time and wear, but cracks can sometimes indicate abnormal issues. If concrete is not allowed to settle properly when pouring, settling after it dries can cause cracking. Extreme weather conditions, such as drought and earthquakes, can also cause premature cracking.

Cracks are better fixed sooner rather than later, as they almost always progress to potholes at some point.

  • Potholes

Potholes start as cracks in concrete but have progressed further due to severe settling, heavy traffic, or frequent expansion and contraction of the ground underneath. Potholes present all the same issues as cracking, with the additional risk of someone tripping and falling in deep potholes. Just like cracks, potholes should be fixed immediately to prevent them from becoming any worse.

  • Uneven surface

Uneven, sunken, or swollen concrete is a sign that you have a serious issue on your hands. While extreme weather conditions can cause uneven concrete, these issues are most often caused by substandard foundation work by inexperienced concrete workers. Without prompt repair, sunken or swollen concrete will crack, form holes, and eventually disintegrate completely.

  • Standing water

Standing water is one of concrete’s enemies, and indicates that the natural drainage path for the concrete is not accessible for some reason. The drainage path may be blocked with debris or inaccessible due to changes in the concrete itself, such as sinking or swelling. Without proper drainage, concrete is destined to erode away to a pile of rocky dust. Call in a professional to determine why the area is not draining and remedy the situation.

  • Blemishes

Blemishes on your concrete’s surface may not always cause structural damage, but they do keep you from enjoying your surface as you should. Discolorations can be easily covered on concrete by using a concrete stain. They’re available in many different colors, and some even offer patterns and texture effects.

Avoiding concrete repairs begins long before the first pour. Our team at A.R.M. Aluminum will pour you a concrete foundation for your porch, patio, or pool enclosure that will stay level and in great shape for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate and references from our past satisfied customers.