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5 Signs Your Concrete Needs Repairs

If you have a damaged concrete foundation for your patio, porch, or pool enclosure, there is no amount of decor that can fix it. Even the best-laid concrete will need repair as the years go by. Homeowners should be diligent about monitoring concrete surfaces and correcting any damage immediately. Five signs that your concrete foundation needs repair are:

  • Cracks

All concrete will crack after enough time and wear, but cracks can sometimes indicate abnormal issues. If concrete is not allowed to settle properly when pouring, settling after it dries can cause cracking. Extreme weather conditions, such as drought and earthquakes, can also cause premature cracking. Continue reading

Maintaining Your Enclosure

If you live in Florida and have a pool in your backyard, then you definitely understand how convenient and helpful it is to have a screen enclosure covering your entire pool or patio area. 

Between Florida’s relentless sunshine and notorious mosquitos, swimming in and lounging by a pool protected by an attractive screen covering can make all of the difference. Countless Florida homeowners have invested in screen enclosures for their pools and patios to improve the value and enjoyment of the best exterior parts of their home.  Continue reading