Crucial Tips for Concrete Care

Many customers ask us about building a screened room on an existing concrete patio. While this is doable, we often find that due to lack of maintenance, the customer’s patio is in no shape to withstand construction. Unfortunately, once the concrete is compromised and damaged, more intense measures must be taken to restore the surface. If the damage is extensive, a complete replacement may be the only option.

So how can you keep your concrete patio in great shape so it can support a new screen room from A.R.M. Aluminum Inc. in Tampa? Here are our top tips for maintaining any concrete surface so it stays strong for years to come:

Sweep it Off

Many people think that there’s no point in sweeping an outdoor patio, especially if it isn’t covered, but it’s about more than just keeping things tidy. An organic material, like leaves and branches, builds up and deteriorates, it can actually penetrate and compromise the concrete surface. After enough time passes, this leads to cracks and eventually a complete breakdown of the concrete.

Throw Some Shade

We all know the sun can be harsh, especially here in central Florida, but those UV rays can damage more than just your skin. After enough UV exposure, the protective seal over a concrete surface breaks down, exposing the raw concrete underneath. The concrete is then susceptible to further damage from UV light, along with water and use damage.

Avoid Spills

Any liquid, even water, can seriously damage a concrete patio. It is crucial to not allow rainwater to drain and pool on concrete, as well as making sure it is not coming up from the saturated ground below. Other liquids can be harmful to your concrete surface too – common deicers and fertilizers are notorious for damaging concrete if not promptly cleaned after being spilled. Additionally, pet urine can cause deterioration and damage after enough exposure due to the acidic properties of urine. The point is…clean up spills promptly, or better yet, avoid them entirely when possible.

Deep Clean or Pressure Wash

Twice each year, preferably in the early spring and then again in mid-late fall, you should give your concrete patio a deep cleaning or spray it down with a pressure washer. If you choose to deep clean, sweep all dry debris off the patio, then scrub it with some water, dish soap, and a stiff-bristled deck brush. Take care to get in all the nooks and crannies to prevent dirt from building up. You may need a small brush to really get the entire surface well.

If you decide to pressure wash, we’d advise contacting a local pressure washing service that is licensed, insured, and bonded. Pressure washing is a great way to clean concrete, but if not done correctly, can cause extreme damage. If you don’t have any experience with pressure washing, it’s best left to the professionals.


Every 2-3 years, the protective coating on the top of your concrete patio needs to be reapplied. This is a simple DIY project for weekend warriors, or you can play it safe by contacting a local concrete company.


If your concrete surface is superficially damaged (meaning less than an inch or two in-depth), then a resurfacing might save you from having to replace the entire patio. Only allow a licensed contractor to pour the new surface to ensure it bonds properly and is 100% level. At A.R.M. Aluminum, we’re proud to offer concrete pouring services in the Tampa area.

Build a Screen Room on Your Concrete PatioIf you need help getting your concrete patio back into top shape, it’s time to call A.R.M. Aluminum to get a free quote on repairing your concrete surface and building a new screen room. We can build on top of existing concrete patios in good condition, potentially saving you cash and frustration. To find out more, give us a call at 813-684-8800 or contact us online today!