Understanding Florida’s Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

pool-enclosure-1It seems like every time that you turn on a television there is another story about a child drowning in an unsecured swimming pool. This fact has lead Florida lawmakers to take action with the Pool Safety Act. This act is designed to enhance the safety of the swimming pools in the Florida area and to help reduce the number of swimming pool related deaths. Here are a few of the ways that this law will affect pool owners and what they will have to do to get their investment into compliance.

The Right Pool Covers

The first thing that a homeowner with a pool will have to do in order to into compliance is to install a pool cover. These pool covers will help to not only protect the pool but the children that are near the pool. The only way to find out what type of pool covers to get is to check the guidelines that the state has set forth.

The Right Enclosure

Another important thing that you will have to get for your pool is an enclosure. These enclosures will not only help to protect your investment, it will also help to make sure that no little ones get in without supervision. You need to make sure that the enclosure that you are getting is in compliance with the Florida laws. Be sure to talk with the professionals installing the enclosure to see what you can do to enhance the overall security of your new structure.

The more you know about what is available and what is best for your home, the easier it will be to choose the right fit for you needs.