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4 Benefits of Aluminum Construction You May Not Know

aluminum sidingIf you are planning a home renovation or addition, you will find yourself faced with many important decisions, including what construction material to utilize. Out of the many options you will consider, one stands above the rest for the numerous benefits it offers: aluminum.

Aluminum Does Not Rust

Aluminum is extremely tough and does not succumb to rust like other metals. This is a major benefit if you are located in Florida and other warm, wet environments. Any very minor amounts of aluminum oxide that do develop actually form a dense, tight film that forms a barrier to moisture and prevents further damage to the aluminum. Continue reading

Warm Weather Calls for New Siding

42053937 - residential house with cream sidingYou probably don’t give a whole lot of attention to your home’s siding on a daily basis, but as the winter clouds clear and spring starts to push its way into the air, it’s a great time to inspect your siding and make plans for springtime renovations. While vinyls and other types of basic siding are popular, they also come with their downsides. You may want to consider switching to aluminum siding to help keep your home in optimal condition all year long. Continue reading

Three Reasons You Need Aluminum Roofing Panels

40910748 - architectural detail of metal roofing on commercial constructionStop and think about your roof for a minute. You rely on it every minute of every day to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe and dry, but you probably don’t give it much thought until it starts to leak or break. Investing in a reliable roof is critical to your home’s structural integrity, which is why you should choose aluminum as your material of choice.

Benefits of Aluminum Roofing Continue reading

Top Tips for Enhancing Your Aluminum Siding

house sidingYou have many important choices to make as a homeowner, including selecting the siding that will serve your home most efficiently for many years to come. Many homeowners simply accept the type of cheap, low-grade siding that came with their house when it was built, but others are realizing that switching to aluminum siding is a very worthwhile investment. Continue reading

Improve the Value of Your Home with These Renovations

aluminum sidingEven if you aren’t planning to move out of your house anytime soon, it’s nice to know you are slowly but surely hammering away at the work that should be done to help you capture as much equity as possible when the time comes to sell your home and move.

But a quick search on Pinterest for “outdoor home renovations” will provide you with a list you couldn’t possibly accomplish in six lifetimes, let alone in a few summers. So what are the best outdoor renovations that will not only improve your quality of living but also boost your future resale value?

Transform a Regular Patio

A patio is a great place to gather with friends, relax and read the newspaper, or sit and people-watch. But a screened-in patio is even better! You can enjoy all of the benefits of the outdoors while remaining shielded from the hottest sun, harshest wind, and peskiest bugs. A screen room can also be decorated and furnished with a bit more attention to detail since everything is more protected from the elements. It will add livable room and help your home feel bigger!

Retaining Walls and Terraces

First impressions are everything, and retaining walls and terraces can guarantee a stellar first impression from anyone who visits your property. These strategies are the perfect way to fill hilly yards that are difficult to mow or unsightly. They also control erosion and surface runoff, add color and texture to an otherwise uninteresting piece of land, and provide unused land with a purpose. You’ll enjoy the view and your curb appeal will definitely benefit!

Siding and Paint

It sounds simple and rather tame, but fresh siding and/or paint can completely rejuvenate the appearance of your home and make everything look new and beautiful. Try warm gray paint trimmed in soft white to create a timeless and sophisticated appeal.

Whether you pick one idea or all of them, your house will look like a whole new place.


Outdoor Living, Indoor Style

Decks and patios are the perfect place for the family to relax on warm summer days. Nothing beats the fresh air and sunlight on your skin. With all the time we spend indoors, between work and home, it’s nice to unwind in an outdoor setting with all the comforts of indoor living.

It Starts With Aluminum

Aluminum enclosures are all the rage for turning a patio into a livable space. Continue reading

Aluminum Skateboard Ramps

rampAre you a skateboarder? Do you ride BMX? Are your kids into skating? Maybe you work with a recreation center or with youth groups. Are you looking for durable, affordable and moveable skateboard quarter pipes, bank ramps, ledges, pyramids, and other skate park obstacles? If you are, the way to go is definitely with aluminum framed skate ramps. Continue reading

Aluminum Greenhouse Frames

green houseIf you’re a thrifty and environmentally conscious person who’s into the idea of self-sufficiency, then you’ve probably considered getting into homesteading.

The popularity of homesteading doesn’t look like it’s going to fade away any time soon; and why would it? Producing your own food is a great source of personal satisfaction, and makes great sense from an economic standpoint as well. Moreover, you don’t need to live in the country or have a sprawling yard in the suburbs to get into hobby farming or homestead food production either. Continue reading