4 Benefits of Aluminum Construction You May Not Know

aluminum sidingIf you are planning a home renovation or addition, you will find yourself faced with many important decisions, including what construction material to utilize. Out of the many options you will consider, one stands above the rest for the numerous benefits it offers: aluminum.

Aluminum Does Not Rust

Aluminum is extremely tough and does not succumb to rust like other metals. This is a major benefit if you are located in Florida and other warm, wet environments. Any very minor amounts of aluminum oxide that do develop actually form a dense, tight film that forms a barrier to moisture and prevents further damage to the aluminum.

Aluminum Can Withstand Salt Air

As a homeowner in Florida, you are undoubtedly familiar with the damage that salt air can wreak on your outdoor possessions. From your window shutters to the paint on your vehicle, salt air is known for its abrasive and unforgiving nature. Aluminum can actually withstand salt air without suffering any such damage, so you can enjoy your new pool enclosure, screen room, and siding without concern.

Aluminum is Light Yet Incredibly Strong

Aluminum is unique because it offers a very high strength to weight ratio. This means that aluminum can withstand a significant amount of weight without becoming a burden itself. This strength also makes it possible for aluminum to survive the intense tropical weather often seen throughout Florida.

Aluminum Keeps Buildings Cool

This incredible metal is also known for reflecting up to 95 percent of the sun’s heat rays. In fact, research shows that an aluminum roof or aluminum siding can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 15 degrees! This is significantly more than what any other metal can achieve, meaning you can save energy and money throughout the year.

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