Pool Enclosures: For Better or Worse?

screen-room-2You have installed that gorgeous new pool and are looking forward to enjoying it. First, however, you want to consider erecting the proper protection in order to ensure that the newest addition to your backyard is a safe, clean and fun environment for many years!

Pool enclosures have many benefits. In the end, having one will save you money by increasing the property value of your home. They will also guard your pool from wild critters, bugs and natural debris. Finally, pool enclosures provide you with a unique and wonderful experience: that of being outside in nature’s beauty, but of being protected from her less than agreeable moods at the same time!

Pool Enclosures Increase the Value of Your Home

Pool enclosures not only prevent pool water from being clogged by insects and drifting leaves; they allow for a controlled environment, while also offering the potentiality of increased property value.

Once a screen pool enclosure is installed, it is not uncommon to see a jump in a home’s appraisal price. A pool without an enclosure is perceived as a benefit for the owner alone, and may not do much to increase a homeowner’s personal gain when the time comes to sell. With a pool enclosure, however, a property is seen as more practical, and therefore as more valuable.

Pool enclosures also create environments that allow you to swim any time of the year, so that you are not dependent on nature for your recreation. Summer, fall, spring, or even winter—pool enclosures enable you to enjoy your pool whenever you’d like!

So, while pool enclosures may initially seem like a costly addition, they have the benefit of protection and year round recreation. Most importantly, they provide the incredible opportunity of increasing the overall value of any average American home!