New Paint and a New Look for Your Aluminum Siding

house sidingAluminum siding first had its heyday over 50 years ago as the new alternative to clapboards and wood shingles. It can withstand water, corrosion and other environmental elements proving that it effectively works over time.

Unfortunately, the paint on aluminum siding is not as indestructible. As years go by, paint will chip and fade away causing your home to look drab and unappealing. Before you look into more costly methods to freshen up your home’s exterior, consider bringing it up to date with paint.

Prepare Your Aluminum Sidings for Paint

Before you jump right in with a paintbrush, you must prepare your aluminum sidings. Carefully inspect every inch of your home exterior. If you see any sign of damage or neglect, call a professional immediately. Look for dented pieces and inspect your soffits, gutters, and drainpipes to ensure they are working properly.

Next, you will need to clean your aluminum siding so that there is no dirt, grease, animal excrements, mold or other unwanted excess on it. You can attempt this with an aluminum siding cleaning product, scrub brush, and elbow grease. You can also hire a contractor to do it professioanlly. Another effective alternative is to power-wash your aluminum siding.

If the previous paint is flaky, be sure to scrape it off and soften the edges with fine grit sandpaper before you apply a new coat of paint.

The Perfect Paint Job for Your Home Exterior

After your aluminum siding is repaired, cleaned and dried out, it is now time to begin painting. You may need to purchase a primer if the siding feels chalky, but be aware that if you use it on non-chalking siding, it may result in an unflattering shiny finish.

While you can apply paint with a roller or brush, the best way to achieve a smooth finish is to use a spray gun with high-quality paint that is specifically designed for that type of surface. Apply two coats for the best results.

Aluminum sidings last for years and with a good repair and paint job, your home exterior will always look brand new.