How Do You Properly Repair a Screen Enclosure?

screen-repair-2If you own a screen enclosure, chances are that it is going to need to be repaired at some point in time. There are some homes that have small screens such as a one panel screen in a door, while others may be dealing with a larger screen enclosure that surrounds a pool or other area of the yard. No matter what type of screen that you have to repair, there are times when you may be able to fix it yourself and other times when you should call a professional.

Screen repair is something that is more difficult than one would think. It is a job that few people will do right, even many handymen will not do the job correctly. If you are looking for a first home improvement job to complete yourself, this is not the right choice. You should definitely call someone who knows what they are doing to make sure that the repair is done in the right way.

For those who want to repair their screen themselves, you first need to look closely at the project. If you need to replace a single panel, you will need to measure the opening and then purchase new material for the screen. It is important to make sure that you clear away all the debris from the area before you install the new screen. If more than one screen needs to be repaired you should only do one at a time.

Screen repair is not an easy task and if you want to make sure that the new screens are installed properly, calling in a professional is often recommended. There is a lot that goes into replacing the screens and this is a home improvement project that you may not want to take on yourself.