A Pool Enclosure Will Safeguard Your Swimming Pool

screen-repair-2You will spend a lot less time on pool cleaning and maintenance, and a lot more time on relaxing and enjoying your pool, with a pool enclosure. A screen or glass pool enclosure will offer protection from damaging UV rays and insects, offer added safety when locked up or closed, and increase the beauty and worth of your home.

A screen enclosure can be custom-designed and use only the finest materials. They’re cheap, easy to install, and they will keep your pool free of dirt, debris, and insects. Don’t you want your pool to be invulnerable to outside debris and weather damage? Screens can even reduce pool temperature, which will save you money on pool chemical cost.

A pool enclosure will help you keep stray and wild animals out of your pool too. You’ll be protecting your pool, but you’ll also be protecting the animals, because pool chemicals can damage animals.

A pool enclosure will put you at less risk for liability, should someone sneak in and try to use your pool when you’re out of town.

Depending on the type of pool enclosure you get, you might also be able to swim in your pool in the wintertime. A special kind of pool enclosure can be designed and built especially with cold weather in mind. You might have seen these special types of pool enclosures if you ever traveled up north. A special type of enclosure can capture the sun’s rays to make for a warm and enclosed environment while reduce loss of heat generated by a water heater and sun. Keeping the warm air in and the cold drafts out is possible.

Safety features can also be added that will keep young children from wandering into your pool.