Outdoor Improvement for Pool Owners

enclosureIf you own a swimming pool then it’s important that you actually make the most of it by using it regularly – otherwise you’ve just spent a lot of money for a massive garden pond!

To encourage yourself to use a pool more, one of the best things you can do is to redesign your garden in such a way that it makes the most of the pool. With the right outdoor improvement your garden will become a better place to spend time and your pool will look more inviting.

Wind Breaks

One thing you can do for your garden right away that will improve your pool no end is to add some wind breaks around your garden. For example, gates down the side of your home will prevent those passages from becoming wind tunnels and in turn will mean your garden is warmer for swimming and you get fewer leaves blowing into the pool!


If your pool is surrounded by grass then adding decking or a tiled area around the pool is a great way to give yourself more incentive to swim and to avoid waterlogged lawns. Decking is particularly useful seeing as it doesn’t become slippery.


If you have a decent sound system in your home then position it so it can be heard outside. This is great for enjoying dinner outdoors but it’s even better for pool parties!


An awesome piece of outdoor improvement is to add a bridge over your pool. This turns your pool into something scenic. You could even make the bridge to an island in the center of your pool and stock it as a bar!

Other Facilities

Why not supplement your pool with a sauna or a hot tub? That way you can really indulge yourself by sweating out toxins then jumping in the cool pool!