Do it Yourself Screen Repair

Badly ripped or torn screens need professional screen repair or simply a replacement. But, small holes or tears can be repaired in your home! Screen repair is very simple and is a great do it yourself task.

All you need for basic screen repair is a patch, fast-drying glue, painter’s tape, and pliers. Here are the steps for your basic screen repairs:

Small Hole Repair – A very small hole takes only a second to fix. If you have a fiberglass or nylon screen, fill in the hole with super glue. Or, if you have a metal screen, fill the hole in with epoxy. You can also buy a patch kit from a hardware store.

Patching a Hole in Nylon or Fiberglas Screens – First, take screen material and cut a patch that is ½ an inch larger than the hole. Apply fast drying adhesive to the edges of the hole, and apply the patch by pressing it gently onto the glue. Hold the patch in place with painter’s tape until it dries to avoid getting glue on your fingers.

Patching a Hole in Metal Screens – Similarly to a nylon or fiberglass screen repair, you need to first cut a patch of screen material that is ½ an inch larger than the hole. Then, using wire cutters or scissors, trim the hole so it has clean, even edges in the shape of a square. Bend the edges of the patch up to 90-degree angles, and then place the patch in the hole. Using pliers, bend the edges of the patch back down so they intertwine with the edges of the hole.

Screen repair really is easy! You can repair small and medium holes on all your own. However, if your screen is torn, you need professional help. Visit for your screen repair needs.