Can I Do Screen Repair Myself?

Homeowners who have screened pool enclosures, screen lanais, or outdoor screen rooms often ask if they can perform screen repairs themselves. The answer is “Yes,” but there are some things you should consider before tackling a screen repair project.

Where is the Repair?

If the repair location is within easy reach, repairing or replacing a screen panel can be fairly straightforward. However, if it is up high, you may encounter some complications. If you don’t like heights, forget it. Even if you are comfortable with heights, you might find yourself in awkward positions where you can lose your balance on a ladder. Consider renting a scaffold to improve safety.

How Big is the Repair?

For small holes, you can buy a repair kit at a hardware store or home center. These repairs can be unobtrusive if done correctly. Larger rips and holes can also be repaired in this way, but the results may not look good, so you might want to replace the entire screen panel.

Do You Have the Right Tools and Materials?

Screen repair involves some specialized tools and materials. For panel replacement, you will need screen material of the right size and type (take a scrap of the old screen with you to make sure you get matching screen material.). You may also need spline, which is the plastic or rubber cord that keeps the screen material in place on the frame. You will also need a screen spline tool; these can be purchased for a few dollars at any hardware store.

Finally: Get Some Know-How

Screen repair takes some patience and practice. There are numerous guides and how-to videos on the Internet that can help you learn to do it right. Do some research and give it a try.

If all else fails, of course, call a professional.