How to Socially Distance with a Screen Room

Social distancing is hard on everyone. Even people who pride themselves on being introverts are having issues with being cut off from others. Humans are social creatures. We thrive on interaction with each other and our environment. As such, staying at home and being alone is about the worst thing you can do for your mental health.

Many therapists are suggesting that people have social distancing visits. As long as everyone wears a mask and is at least six feet apart, there is no harm in getting together for a friendly visit. It is important to keep such groups to only a few people or households, even if you are maintaining distance.

It can be really hard to socially distance your children from others. Even if both of the visiting households are as careful as possible, without barriers you are not going to keep children apart, and you’re not likely to get small children to keep masks on while playing. 

So how do you get around this little conundrum? A screen room is a unique answer that could benefit you far beyond the pandemic.

While you could install plexiglass cheaply and easily, just as stores have installed between their cashiers and customers, it isn’t going to look the greatest. It also doesn’t serve any purpose beyond the pandemic. When the crisis is over, the contraption will be removed and discarded. 

A screen room can serve you as long as you are in your home. You can use it for entertaining, relaxing, storm watching, and spring or fall dining. It is reusable, easily repurposed, and nothing will go to the landfill because it outlived its purpose.

If you are interested in adding a screen room to your home, contact us today for more information or an estimate.