Getting a Screen Repair During Hurricane Season

Florida’s hurricane season is in full swing, and even though we’ve managed not to have any severe tropical storms yet this year, that doesn’t mean one can’t hit at any time. Your screen room is designed to hold up against high winds, but that doesn’t mean it won’t become damaged during a storm. The screen can become ripped or stretched by flying debris or falling objects.

If your screen room is damaged by a hurricane or other severe weather, you don’t want to have to wait for it to be repaired. Putting off repairs can cause additional damage to occur, especially if there is another storm, and Florida is often getting one storm after another. 

Of course, right after a storm all contractors working on such repairs are extremely busy, and it can take quite some time for a repair technician to get to you. But you can get much faster and more specialized service with our company.

We offer full service screen repair for screen rooms, pool enclosures, and screened in porches. We will come to your home and repair your screen promptly without disruption to your day. Instead of waiting for a repair to be needed, record our contact information today so that you are prepared in the event that hurricane repairs are needed.