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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Pool Enclosure

screen-room-2If you want to expand your living space, you could build an addition onto your home, but that would be a complex and expensive project. You could also build a fancy outdoor patio – less expensive, but still a big project. Or you could add to your already existing outdoor pool with an aluminum pool enclosure. This option is by far the best because it is affordable, practical, and stylish to boot. Continue reading

Avoid the Perils of the Summer Season with a Pool Enclosure

screen roomSummer in Florida is always a great season. We get to enjoy long stretches of sun, long, warm evenings and plenty of opportunities to make the most of the Great Outdoors. For those with pools, there’s nothing better than diving into the cool water on a hot day. However, certain less appealing aspects of summer can swiftly turn your pleasurable swim into an unpleasant ordeal.

Pool Enclosures Ensure You Enjoy the Summer to the Max Continue reading

Update Your Property by Adding Just Five Outdoor Essentials

screen roomThe exterior of your property is important. It’s what your guests will see first when they come to visit. If you work from home, it’s your place of business and needs to make a good impression. If you’re thinking of selling your home, a well-maintained, well-designed exterior can add thousands to your asking price.

As a result, it’s vital to create the best exterior possible with the space you’ve got. Here’s five of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your property. Continue reading

Stay Safe in the Warmer Months with the Help of a Pool Enclosure

screen-room-2If you are like most pool owners, keeping your family safe while enjoying your swimming pool is of the utmost importance. Of course, pools offer a lot of opportunity for fitness and fun, but are often accompanied by a variety of unique problems; and an enclosure is a great way to combat some of the dangers and annoyances most commonly associated with owning one.

It’s remarkably easy to stay safe by simply adding a pool enclosure to your property. Here are just some of the many ways an enclosure can protect your loved ones this summer. Continue reading

Four Things to Consider Before You Have a Pool Enclosure Installed

screen roomPool enclosures are the ideal way to combine the indoors with the outdoors, as well as create a beautiful environment in which to enjoy your pool. They provide shelter, security and privacy, and can really help you to get the most from your swimming area.

However, in order to make sure that you really get the best from your enclosure, it’s important to think about a few things first. Continue reading

Adding Value to Your Home and Years to Your Life is Easy

screen-room-2Have you ever considered pool enclosure installation? What about screened room installation? If you have not ever thought about these common, yet awesome, household additions, then consider this: A pool enclosure or screen porch will add tangible value to your home, while providing you and your family new ways to enjoy the outdoors as well as one another.

It is a proven fact that happier people simply live longer. They contract fewer diseases and suffer from fewer emotional issues. With an enhanced outdoor area, it is easier than ever before to enhance your mood and your property value in one single swoop. Continue reading

Pool Enclosure Installation is Good for Your Skin

screen roomWhen people think about pool enclosures, they usually think about the elimination of pests and debris. They may also think about the comfort of the partial shade that an enclosure provides, but people give little thought to the long term health benefits that shade provides. The hot sun in places like Florida can be especially damaging, and pool enclosure installation is a wise precaution against the dangers of skin cancer.

Cancer is Prominent

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun contributes greatly to the possibility of skin cancer, and this is especially true with long hours of exposure on a weekly basis. Many people do not realize that a good pool enclosure can block as much as 80 percent of UV radiation. Continue reading

How to Get the Very Most from Your Swimming Pool

screen roomIf you have your own outdoor swimming pool then congratulations; you are officially ‘living the life’ and this is something that many other people only dream of!

And seeing as you now have your own swimming pool, it’s rather important that you make the most of it by actually using it and maintaining it. To spend all that money on a pool, become the envy of the neighbors and then not make the most of it is just wasteful! Continue reading

Outdoor Improvement for Pool Owners

enclosureIf you own a swimming pool then it’s important that you actually make the most of it by using it regularly – otherwise you’ve just spent a lot of money for a massive garden pond!

To encourage yourself to use a pool more, one of the best things you can do is to redesign your garden in such a way that it makes the most of the pool. With the right outdoor improvement your garden will become a better place to spend time and your pool will look more inviting. Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning a Pool Enclosure

pool-enclosure-1So, you installed a new pool enclosure at your home and it looks great. Now you obviously want to take good care of it right? Well, it is not as easy as it seems. There are various things that you need to take into consideration when keeping it maintained that are important to understand. Keep on reading to find out more about the do’s and don’ts of pool enclosure maintenance. Continue reading